Tourist Places

Shri. Datta Mandir Audumbar
Shri. Datta Mandir, Audumbar

Audumbar is known for the shrine of Dattatraya held in high reverence. It is said to have been built in…

Dandoba – Bhose

The Dandoba Hill Forest Preserve can be reached with a 25 minute drive from Sangli. This forest preserve is rich…

मिरासाहेब दर्गा मिरज
Meerasaheb Darga, Miraj

The Meerasaheb dargah is a common worship centre for both Muslim and Hindu communities located near the railway station of…

Sagareshwar Wildlife Santuary - Sagareashwar
Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located at the meeting of…