Shri. Datta Mandir, Audumbar


Audumbar is known for the shrine of Dattatraya held in high reverence. It is said to have been built in honour of Nar-sirhha Sarasvati who was a great saint and who is supposed to be the incarnation of Dattatraya. His greatness has been extolled in Guru Charitra written by Sarasvati Gangadhar. Narsimha was born of a poor Brahman couple, Madhava and Amba, in about 1304.

After his thread ceremony he left on a holy pilgrimage and on its completion came to Audumbar on the banks of the Krushna to engross himself secretly in religious mortification during the Caturmasa. At this time it so happened that a Brahman’s son who was dull−witted, overcome with shame at the remarks passed by the people in this regard, went to Bhuvanesvari temple on the opposite bank of the Krushna and prayed for three days and nights without taking any food. But the goddess remained unmoved by his severe penance upon which he cut off his tongue and laid it at Her feet. Taking pity the goddess advised him to go to Audumbar and pray Narsirhha. The boy taking the command went to Narsirhha and falling at his feet received the blessings of the sage. The identity of the saint having been known, thousands of people began to flock to the place for darshan.

At the end of Chaturmasa, when the sage prepared to leave, the people requested him to stay. He only left his padukas under audumbar tree over which a small shrine was erected by a devotee from Poona who also built a dharmashala.

The outer mandap is of very recent construction. The shrine is situated at a lovely spot on the banks of the Krushna and in turn commands a splendid view of the river. There is some striking scenery around. It is associated with the visits of Eknath Maharaj and Janardan Swami, the noted saints of Maharastra and that of Brahmanand Svami who came from the Girnar Mountain, built a math in 1826 and finally took his samadhi.

A splendid ghat has. Been constructed on the river by the temple−side. It was built by the disciples of Sahajanand Maharaj, a follower of Brahmanand Swami at the orders of their guru. So potent are supposed to be the divine powers of the deity that if persons possessed by spirits are kept in the premises for a few days they are completely cured. On the opposite bank is the shrine of Bhuvanesvari. The idol is of black flint-stone and is exquisitely sculptured. This place is overgrown with audumbar trees and hence the name.

  • Shri. Datta Mandir, Audumbar
  • Shri. Datta Mandir, Audumbar
  • Shri. Datta Mandir, Audumbar
  • Shri. Datta Mandir Audumbar
  • Shri. Datta Mandir Audumbar
  • Shri. Datta Mandir Audumbar

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport is Pune International Airport which is 250 km away.

By Train

Nearest Railway Stations are Sangli (57 km) and Miraj Junction (64 km).

By Road

Regular State Transport Buses are available from any Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation Bus Stand.