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The land of milk, fruits, temples, wrestlers and warriors, Sangli district is among the most advanced in India. It is the birthplace of modern Marathi theatre, especially the musicals. Asia’s largest cooperative sugar factory established by Maharashtra’s undisputed leader Vasantdada Patil is a social and political magnet. Battis-Shirala is famous around the world for Nag Panchami celebrations when thousands of cobras are worshipped freely by people. Pomegranates and grapes produced in this district have invaded foreign markets, especially in the West. Progressive steps taken for adopting the latest technology by this district for modernizing agricultural and farm research are remarkable. Wine production will soon begin on a large−scale, adding to India’s foreign exchange earnings. Miraj, another major town of the district, is famous for manufacturing winged musical instruments.

2.Area8577 sq. km.
3.Sub-divisions3 (Miraj, Vita, Walwa)
4.Talukas10(Miraj, Kavthe Mahankal, Jat, Tasgaon, Vita-Khanapur, Kadegaon, Palus, Atapadi, Walwa, Shirala)
5.Distance from Mumbai 395.7 kms.
6.Means of Transport Railway Stations -Sangli and Miraj ST Buses
7.Population Total-25,81,835 , Male-13,19,267, Female-12,62,568
8. LiteracyPercent-76.70 Total-17,31,579 Male-9,86,743 Female-7,44,836
9. Area under Irrigation1,20,302 hectares
10.Irrigation Projects Major-1 (Chandoli dam) Medium-5 Minor-54
11.Industries Medium-37 Small-6,940
12.Languages/Dialects Marathi
13.Folk-Arts Dhangiri Ovya, Shahiri, folk stage
14.Weather Temperature- Max.-42 Deg. C. Min.-14 Deg. C. Rainfall-649.80mm (Average)
15.Main Crops Rice, jowar, bajra, groundnut, turmeric, soyabean,sugarcane, wheat, grape,pomegranate
16.Area under Horticulture 29381 hectares
17.Health Infrastructure PHCs-59 Rural Hosp.-9 Dist. Hosp.-2
18.Tourist Places Chandoli and Sagreshwar Sanctuaries, Dandoba hill station,Audumbar Dutt Mandir
19. Educational Institutions Colleges-30, Prim. Schools -1824, Sec. Schools- 476
20.Imp. Projs.-1 1. Warna SOURCE : CENSUS OF INDIA 2001
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