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दादासाहेब वेलणकर
Dadasaheb Welankar

Dadasaheb Velankar, a pioneer of Industries in Sangli. Initially, he worked in cotton mill, Solapur. In 1908, he started his own industry with 2 looms at his native place Limba. He device is own procedure to weave economically and effectively. In 1914, he started a factory Shri Gajanan Weaving Mills with 3 looms and later it was a big establishment with 300 looms. The products 'Sari' and 'dhoti' were popular in maharashtra. In 1935, Dadasaheb went to Japan to study the new techniques. He returned and started manufacturing cloths called 'Valkali '.

On his 61st birthday, he was weighed in Gold and from the gold that he received, he formed many trusts to help poor and needy. In 1953, he voluntarily retired from the business and handed over to his son. After that he wrote 14 books. he died on 21st April 1978.

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