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Agriculture Department
Sr.No.DesignationName Of OfficerTelephone No.
Regional Offices
1.Regional Transport Officer
2.Regional Manager, M.I.D.C.
3.Water Pollution
4.Maharashtra Housing & Dev. Administration
5. Maharashtra Industries Dev. Corporation
6.Mahatma Phule Magas V.V.Mandal
7.Dy.Director of Health
8.M.D. Chitranagari
Other Departments
9.General Manager, Telephone
10.Commissioner of Income Tax
11.Dy.Comm. Income Tax
12.Dy.Comm., Central Excise
13.Superintendent Post Office
14.Conservator of Forest
15.Dy.Conservator of Forest
16.Superintendent, Kalamba Jail
17.City Jail,
18.Dy.Director of Animal Husbandry
All District Heads
19.District Court
20.District Govt.Pleader
21.Civil Surgeon, C.P.R. Hospital
22.R.M.O., C.P.R. Hospital
23.District Treasury Officer
24.Deputy Director, Publicity
25.District Employment Officer
26.District Statistical Officer
27.District Industries Officer
28.District Social Welfare Officer (Spl.)
29.District Fisheries Officer
30.District Deputy Registrar
31.J.D.R. Stamps
32.District Adult Education Officer
33.District Women and Child Welfare Officer
34.Superintendent, State Excise
35.Superintendent of Land Record
36.Asstt.Director of Town Planning
37.Manager, Govt. Press
40.Deputy Charity Commissioner
41.Asstt.Commissioner Labour
42.Superintendent, Agriculture Office
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